About Mercedes Alexis Designs

Mercedes Alexis Designs is a second generation concept.

It all began with my Mother, Jan. 1988 marks the year of great change and big adventure. She packed up her life in Utah and drove the I-15 to sunny San Diego. Having a passion for fashion and knack for creating, sewing came naturally. She has been sewing since the age of 10. People often asked about her clothing. They were her own creations. Then started creating custom pieces. Mercedes Alexis Designs was born. With a dream and vision.. Jan was doing “Home Parties” before it was a thing. The sample line and models loaded in the car and off they went. Sashaying through front rooms and kitchens. The Women of San Diego loved Mercedes Alexis Designs. The ease of wear and care. The customizability to fit their desires made the clothing a hit. Jan’s mission was to create clothing that looked good and felt good. The comfort of pajamas, but you look and feel glamorous. This journey continued until 1994. Life happened and Mercedes Alexis Designs was detoured.

In July 2019, I, Mercedes was feeling less than stellar. I had a ladies lunch date and nothing to wear. Jan offered a piece from her personal collection. An original coat from Mercedes Alexis Designs. A vintage piece. I was floored. A custom created shade of Violet tie dye that glows with radiance. Rayon that envelops the body with love. A coat that flutters in the slightest wind. The moment I put that coat on, a surge of energy ran through me. I felt confident, inspired, and most of all, I felt beautiful. That’s what Mercedes Alexis Designs is about. Looking good and feeling good. In your skin, in your body. You being you. I went to that ladies lunch and knew I was onto something. I could do this. I too can create things of beauty. And so the baton was passed. My Mom gave me her blessing to carry on the legacy of Mercedes Alexis Designs. Together she and I work on designs and color ideas. There is so much to learn and birth. I look forward to not only sharing these designs with you, but to also learning of your stories and experiences in wearing the pieces from Mercedes Alexis Designs.