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Self Sovereignty Tantric Necklace

Self Sovereignty Tantric Necklace

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Gemstone: Aquamarine. Rumored to be the treasure of mermaids. Latin words: aqua, meaning “water,” and marina, meaning “of the sea.” It is believed in ancient times to counteract the forces of darkness and to invite the protection and favor of the spirits of light. A protective talisman. Can open intuition and increase clairvoyance. A powerful stone for meditation. Aquamarine has many healing properties. Aids in connecting with your guides and celestial support team. Has a great ability to shield your aura and protect you from negative energies. Aquamarine is great for cleansing and aligning the chakras. Assists with calming anxiety. Aquamarine can assist you in feeling “grounded” even in situations when emotions are running high.

Mantra: Chatara Chakara Vartaee. A mantra for the heart center and complete protection. Removes anxiety, fear, depression, and phobias.

Aquamarine with 14kt Gold Fill beads.

Length: 20 inches.

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