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Seraphanite Heart Alignment

Seraphanite Heart Alignment

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Faceted Seraphinite 14kt Gold fill Mini

Seraphinite is a stone with many attributes. Very heart centered and wonderful for aiding and accessing self healing. It cleanses of the aura. Strengthens, activates, and balances all chakras. This stone will assist you in opening your kundalini energy as it travels from the base chakra through all the chakras to the crown chakra. Seraphanite supports awareness on higher planes. Also known as a a stone of light energy. Powerful tool for facilitating angelic and devic communication.

Seraphinite aligns the soul bodies, opens and aligns the Light Body to the astral body vibration. It harmonises energy vibration rates among the bodies and chakras. Seraphinite brings your astral twin self into the physical plane and purifies your aura. Seraphinite invokes protection, help, healing and love. It facilitates awareness of your place in the universal plan, psychic vision and a spiritual seeing of the world. This stone promotes peace in the world and in yourself.”


Mantra : Sat Narayan

Chanted to create inner peace so that one can project outer peace, happiness and good fortune.

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