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Tantric Necklace Green Energy

Tantric Necklace Green Energy

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Green Garnet and 14kt gold fill strung in the Ajai Alai sound current.

Gemstone: Green Garnet is restorative and liberating. A powerful growth stone. Green Garnet is a conduit for creativity, development, and renewal. A wonderful aid in nurturing new relationships or business endeavors. Will bring strength if you’re experiencing a difficult time. Green Garnet encourages a commitment to your purpose. A stone that promotes wealth and prosperity. Can be used to clear the heart chakra. Green Garnet peaceful and calm stone that can be used to connect with the higher spiritual realms.

Mantra: Ajai Alai

A mantra for deep inner peace, radiance, victory, and lifting anger and depression.

“Chant this mantra, you have the power to surpass anything.” - Yogi Bhajan


Benefits of Chanting Ajai Alai Mantra

1. It soothes the heart and overcomes all obstacles.
2. It adds radiance to your body and activates your higher chakras.
3. It brings you out of depression and anger.
4. Gives strength to face all challenge of life.
5. Gives power of intuition and great will power.
6. Brings the chanter into alignment with qualities of the Divine.
7. Overcomes any obstacles/hindrances and gives strength.
8. Being very soothing gives power to connect with the Creator and also gives unlimited power, peace and prosperity.
9. As the chanter connects with the Creator he feels very positive and light.
10. It purifies subconscious and pulls one out of despair and grief.
11. With the healing vibrations of mantra one feels healthy.
12. Mantra helps to move through difficult situations.
13. It brings grace and greatness. 

(1-13 List is quoted from Meditative Mind)

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